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Nazar Battu Protect From Bad Evil & Negative Energy (Pack of 5)

Nazar Battu Protect From Bad Evil & Negative Energy (Pack of 5)

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Nazar battu

An emblem, charm bracelet, tattoo, or other item or design known as a Nazar Battu Wall Hanging is used in North India and Pakistan to ward off the evil eye or nazar. A nazar battu is frequently a purposeful imperfection introduced to prevent perfection. For instance, a loved one’s face or neck could be marked with a black mark. In houses, despite having a flawless exterior, there may be a purposeful defect present. Although it doesn’t involve a specific nazar battu, it is common in the area for mothers to lightly spit at their children to convey a sense of inferiority and imperfection that shields them from nazar. This practise is typically performed ritualistically to the side of the children rather than directly at them.

14 Nazar Battu Kavach Yantra Benefits

  1. Bad Luck Hanging the spiritual wall decoration known as Nazar Battu is thought to ward off evil omens from others.
  2. Evil-eye beads are also referred to in Turkish as “Nazar Boncugu,” which means “good luck evil-eye charm.”
  3. It is thought to be highly helpful for the protections by Evil, Negative energy and bed wards and is used in many regions in the world under different names and forms. It also provides good luck to the bearer.
  4. The Evil Eye Hanging Nazar Battu Yantra can be used to ward off bad luck and negative energy in your house, car, office, shops, factory, etc., or you can give it as a gift.
  5. It protects against all evil energies, particularly negative influences and the evil Eye (Kavach).
  6. When someone is dealing with abrupt or unforeseen issues in their professional or personal lives, it is incredibly helpful.
  7. The Nazar Suraksha Yantra supports keeping a positive atmosphere and sincere individuals in your life.
  8. When hung at the entrance to your home or place of business, the Nazar Suraksha Yantra repels unwarranted negativity and the evil eye.
  9. This Yantra or NazarBattu will aid in keeping evil away from your home or place of business.
  10. Any anyone with bad emotions or abilities will be drawn to it right away, and his negative abilities will be neutralised, warding off any negativity or Buri (Bad) Nazar.
  11. People frequently mention “buri nazar,” or an evil eye cast by the spectator, which renders the victim ill and frail and also causes loss of income or business.
  12. This traditional remedy for the evil eye has special meaning. It involves hanging it either inside the home or by the front door.
  13. Upon entering the house or the store, the viewer is immediately drawn to the symbolic image of the eye, which dispels any ominous energy they may have brought with them.
  14. Since blue is regarded as the sign of justice, which comes from God, these amulets are frequently found in the shape of blue eyes.
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