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Original Navgrah / Navratan / Navratna Mala Stone Necklace

Original Navgrah / Navratan / Navratna Mala Stone Necklace

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What is Navratna Mala?

The garland made of nine gems is called “Navratna” rosary, according to Indian astrology, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are called Navagraha, ruby ​​for Sun in the Navratna Mala, Pearls for Moon, Coral for Mars, Emerald for Mercury, Topaz for Jupiter, Diamond for Venus, Sapphire for Saturn, Onyx for Rahu, Lasuniya for Ketu. Wearing it can reduce the bad effects. Siddha Sadhaks of Navagrahas prove their life by consecrating the seeds of Navagrahas by chanting mantras, then by doing mantra pushcharan, and then this rosary becomes complete.

According to science, elements like aluminum, oxygen, chromium, iron, calcium carbonate, magnesium, beryllium, fluorine, hydroxyl, zirconium etc. are found in Navratna Mala, wearing which develops saptadhatu and positive energy in the body. If you are not getting success even after continuous hard work, your health is not good, you are deteriorating little by little, there is no atmosphere of peace in your family, or if there is any major defect in your birth chart, due to which you will fail in life.

If you have been seeing the face of the person, then you must definitely wear the Navratna Mala. The garland of Navratna is not easily found everywhere, this garland is sold fake in many places, so in many places the gems of Navratna garland are not of good misfortune, even if they are, they are not fully respected. Some people believe that by washing this Navaratna garland in raw milk, the garland proves to be life-prestige, but it is not so, all the garlands have their own rules and regulations to establish life, the Navaratna garland is called the Astra Mantra.

Navratna Mala benefits:

  1. Navratna Mala is an important rosary, with this garland the Rajayoga karaka planets made from the trikona rashi of the horoscope are activated, which protect man and give him strength, semen, courage, strength, health.
  2. Wearing the garland of Navagraha brings peace to the Navagrahas, no matter what the planet, if any planet is giving you inauspicious results, you can be pacified by wearing Navagraha Mala.
  3. With Navratna Mala the adverse effects of the Navagrahas are lessened, due to which bad things start to happen in life, peace remains in the mind and wealth is benefited from all points of view.
  4. The effect of any incurable disease can be reduced with Navratna Mala whatever the disease may be.
  5. If even after continuous hard work, there is a loss in business, if you do not feel like doing any work or there is a delay in marriage, then Navgraha Mala must be worn.
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