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Original sphatik mala,Crystal Mala Diamond Cut

Original sphatik mala,Crystal Mala Diamond Cut

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Crystal Mala | Sphatik Mala Originality

Crystal Mala is related to Goddess Lakshmi and Venus. Both of them are the givers of wealth and splendor of your life. Therefore, after much thought, our sages advised to wear it. This energized garland is also worn for the same purpose.

Benefits of Crystal Mala (Sphatik Mala Originality)

  • It is advisable to wear this garland to overcome the problems in money, business and job.
  • This mala is also worn to get the good fruits of Venus.
  • Such people who are having Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus planet in their birth chart, they must wear this rosary.
  • This mala is also very effective to get rid of sex problems.

Identification of real crystals

Glass or plastic garlands are available in the market in the name of rhinestones. But the crystal is a pure shining stone. It will feel heavy and very cold when taken in hand. Its shine never ends. When you rub it, it will spark. Its pearls are not transparent at all. It was never bitter. Its garland glows when the light dies in the dark. Its pearls are not completely round. The size of each of the beads of its garland can be different. Some small and some big. Because it has no cutting. Yes, diamond cut beads are similar but they are very expensive.

Sphatik Mantra

Sphatik Panchmukhi is the form of Brahma. Its deity is Kalagni. Sphatik Mala Originality is considered auspicious for the worship of Goddess Lakshmi. Its mantra is- ‘Panchavaktra: Swayam Rudra: Kalaagnirnama Namatah.’

How to wear

First of all get this rosary. After this, wear it in the morning on any Friday. While wearing this mala, have full faith in it so that it can benefit you as soon as possible. Apart from this, this mala is also very useful for chanting the mantras of Goddess Lakshmi.

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