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Red Coral mala

Red Coral mala

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What is Red Coral Mala?

Red coral mala is a very powerful, beautiful and attractive. Wearing this stone makes a person courageous and brave and his confidence increases. In Vedic astrology, coral is worn to remove the inauspicious effects of the aggressive planet Mars and to get its blessings. It is believed that this stone helps to please the planet Mars. Mars is the signification of war and energy. The red color of this planet is considered a symbol of blood. It is also called ‘Son of the earth’ because of its presence and being close to the earth.

Benefits of Red coral mala:

  1. Red coral is also called red coral. This gemstone is being used in jewelery for the past many years.
  2. Coral stone bestows the power to face troubles and enemies. Since, this gemstone is associated with Mars, wearing it gives a person the power to overcome all the troubles and obstacles in his path.
  3. If due to the inauspicious position of Mars, if a person lacks patience, gets more angry or gets upset, then wearing red coral will be of great benefit to him.
  4. The biggest advantage of wearing coral is that it helps in removing the Manglik Dosha associated with Mars. Due to Manglik Dosha, problems arise in the marriage of a person and his married life is also deprived of happiness.
  5. Red coral mala enhances love and mutual understanding in relationships. If you have Manglik Dosh in your Kundli, then you should also wear Coral Stone after getting Kundli analysis done by an astrologer.
  6. Coral also has a direct effect on business and business. Wearing this stone also protects the wearer from black magic and evil eye.
  7. If a person is in debt or is troubled by financial constraints, then he will also benefit from wearing Mars coral stone. The energy contained in coral can help in getting rid of debt in a short time.
  8. According to Indian astrology, Red coral mala represents ‘Mangalya Balam’. This strengthens the marital relationship and prolongs the life of the spouse. Wearing it gives longevity of husband of women.
  9. If a person is facing difficult situations in his life, then wearing coral gives him patience and courage.
  10. Wearing it gives strength to face the difficulties and troubles in life with self-respect.
  11. If you want to be a leader or you lack leadership qualities then you will benefit from wearing coral.
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