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Sampoorna Sarva Kashta Nivaran Yantra

Sampoorna Sarva Kashta Nivaran Yantra

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Shree Sampurna Sarvakashta Nivaran Yantra

The Shree Sampurna Sarvakashta Nivaran Yantra is a multicolored Maha Yantra made of 24 karat gold sheet and panchadhatu plate. Yantra items are shipped after proper energizing and pranpratishtha is performed.

To energize and perform pranpratishtha properly, devotees must include their date, time, and place of birth when they order a Yantra.

The Shree Sampurna Sarvakashta Nivaran Yantra is an all-inclusive tool for tenancy prevention that removes all barriers and brings success and prosperity to the user. It might help people get rid of all their suffering and issues. Additionally, this Yantra may be useful for releasing stress and debt. This exceptional Sampurna Sarvakashta Nivaran Yantra contains 16 instruments.

How a Yantra Functions?

The Yantra’s geometry can draw in cosmic forces, change them, and then produce good energy beneficial to the Yantra’s seeker or worshipper. Yantras are activated by mantra chanting and meditation on the center or other points of the Yantra. When you perform puja or meditate with your wish in mind, it will start to come to you more swiftly than usual. Your Yantra’s effects and outcomes are added when covered in gold plating or sheet.

 Benefits the Sampurna Sarvakasta Nivaran Yantra

  1. Eliminating anxiety, guilt, fear suspicion, and all forms of physical and mental sickness.
  2. To enhance the capacity for decision-making and administration
  3. To safeguard against mishaps and accidents
  4. Offers wisdom and insight.
  5. Eliminates delays and impediments.
  6. To banish all forms of bodily and mental sickness, including worry, guilt, suspicion, and dread.
  7. To dominate and move ceaselessly with magnificent radiance and vigor.

 Where to place the Yantra?

Yantra infuses the area where it is installed with energy. It may be put in the living room, reception area, study room, office cabin, or near the entrance to the house, office, or store. Yantra is ideally positioned facing east. The Sun’s rising beams fuel it. Yantra’s magical geometry bestows outstanding good vibes and energy on the home through the heavenly vibrations of the East corner.

What is the procedure to place of Yantra Abhishek?

According to their convenience, devotees can perform the Yantra’s Abhishek once or twice a week; the technique is outlined below.

Yantra should be cleaned with water, then each of the abhishekam liquids, Panchgavya (water, curd, ghee, milk, and honey), and fruit juice this may include: sugarcane juice, coconut water, pomegranate juice, should be offered one at a time.

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