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Shaligram Mala, Unique and Rare Collection (6mm)

Shaligram Mala, Unique and Rare Collection (6mm)

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What is Shaligram Mala?

Shaligram mala is depicted in different forms of God. The special grace of Chakrapani, Vishwambhar, Lakshmipati, Madhuripu Sri Hari remains on it. The main feature is that the shape of Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Keshav is indicated on these organic beads. The importance of this garland is considered to be very good, very graceful for different classes of people along with Vaishnava sect. People use it in different ways.

The various benefits of Shaligram mala can be obtained by wearing it on an auspicious day. In view of its benefits, it holds a lot of importance in the Sanatan culture. The person wearing it feels a lot of security. And there is a feeling of blissful atmosphere. The environment around the person remains pure and peaceful. Shaligram means Shri Hari Vishnu himself is considered to be the incarnation of Jagdishwar Narayan, the sustainer of the world. The face is considered equivalent to the circle.

The benefits:

  1. Be it the desire for progress in spiritual outlook or the desire to attain worldly pleasures, it all has the quality of providing good benefits. This is the reason why people use it in different ways and such people who are suffering from the troubles given by the nine planets. Due to the unfavorable movement of the nine planets, their life begins to decay. What stage of life is he passing through, or he is lost in a dream, or has lost his real identity in the paths of a labyrinth.
  2. A person is particularly surprised by the benefits of wearing a shaligram mala around the neck. This garland not only makes him mentally active. His consciousness infuses a new vitality into the soul, but also helps to get it out of the list of various types of physical disabilities. By wearing this rosary, one gets to see favorable results in conditions like mental pressure, the person coming in life. It does not get disturbed even under severe pressure. It also helps in achieving success in spiritual stages. Shaligram mala can also be used as a best way to bring more purity and intensity in religious attitude, and religious Shaligram mala can also be used to achieve success in things.
  3. People in whose house the financial stability remains constant. No matter how hard work is done by them, but they do not get the fruits according to them, according to the amount of hard work they do, they are deprived of getting their fruits. In such a situation, money-related problems start entering the house, and the members of the family residing in the building or their family members make holes between them like termites and make them hollow from inside, due to which the time interval inside their own home family. Due to mutual discord, even the foundation of the house gets broken. As if the family has got an evil eye while playing, it falls on the same road of that building.
  4. Wearing shaligram mala gives respect and respect, and progress in position and prestige is also seen. By wearing it, good results are also obtained in things related to Pitra Dosh. With the blessings of Lord Vishnu, this garland is also used for the peace of various kinds of obstacles; you can also use it for the accomplishment of any other specific work. Shaligram is known in India. By worshiping it duly, one becomes free from the cycle of birth and death after birth. All kinds of sorrows and sufferings start getting destroyed by the effect of this rosary. This garland has very supernatural powers. is considered to contain.
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