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Shiv Shakti Kawach Pendant With Rudraksha

Shiv Shakti Kawach Pendant With Rudraksha

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Why wear Shiv Shakti Kawach Pendant?

This Shiv Shakti Kawach Pendant is made from the combination of Trishul Om Swastik, carries the amazing powers of all three. The word Om contained in it contains the power of the entire universe. It is believed that by mere chanting of it one can reach near to God. Wherein Shiva’s kavach eliminates all evils. No evil power can harm a person by this. Swastika is a symbol of auspiciousness in every work. Let us inform that in ‘Amarkosh’, the meaning of ‘swastika’ is written to do virtuous work.

In this way, this armor blesses every work. It brings us closer to God, keeping us away from all evil forces. Yantras are mentioned in astrology to fulfill their different types of desires. Lakshmi or Kuber Yantra is used for the attainment of wealth and splendor. Similarly, Shiv Shakti Kawach Pendant also has some special features. Keeping these features in mind, it is used only.

What are the benefits of Shiv Shakti Kawach Pendant?

  1. Shiv Shakti Kawach Pendant protects the wearer from all the negative energies of the world.
  2. Using this Lord Shiva Shakti Kavach, every work of a person is auspicious.
  3. The grace of Lord Shiva always remains on the people.
  4. It increases thinking ability and creativity.
  5. It is helpful in correcting the dasha of various planets.
  6. It pacifies the harmful effects of Vastu Dosha and Pitra Dosha.
  7. It removes the troubles present in home and life.
  8. Increases the flow of positive energy in the aura.

How to wear Shiv Shakti Kawach Pendant?

  1. To wear the Shiv Shakti Kawach armor or to install the yantra, place the idol of Shiva on a post.
  2. After this, sprinkle Gangajal on the idol and offer flowers and Bel leaves to the Lord.
  3. Worship Lord Shankar by lighting a lamp and incense in front of the s
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