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Lord Shiv Trishul Damru Locket With Gold-Plated Chain And One Shiv Trishul Damru Pendant Free

Lord Shiv Trishul Damru Locket With Gold-Plated Chain And One Shiv Trishul Damru Pendant Free

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Significance of Lord Shiv Trishul Damru Locket!

Lord Shiv Trishul Damru Locket has been given the form of Lord Shiva’s favorite and most powerful weapon of the universe. Special importance of Trishul has been told in the scriptures. According to astrology, wearing a trident is considered very auspicious. The person who wears om swastik trishul locket does not face any kind of problem, and even if it comes, he cannot survive. If we talk about the specialty of Trishul, then its three arms represent the three worlds and qualities such as Sattva, Raja and Tama, as well as the three worlds Heaven, Bhoomi and Hades. Along with this, many scholars believe that it also represents the three periods of the day, Prabhat, Sandhya and Evening.

This Lord Shiv Trishul Damru Locket keeps you away from negative forces and thoughts, and leads your life in the direction of the spirituality of the Lord. By wearing Trishul locket gold in the neck, all the troubles are removed and you get all-moksha. Always keep in mind that Lord Shiva only accepts the person who does not have any kind of deceit or deceit in his mind. Therefore it is necessary that while wearing the shiva trishul pendant around the neck, there should not be any wrong desires in your soul. Men and women of all age groups can wear trishul locket silver. You can wear om trishul locket in any auspicious day by putting it in chain, black thread or Kalave.

Why wear Lord Shiv Trishul Damru Locket?

  1. By wearing this locket, the person never faces any problem.
  2. There is no effect of any kind of evil eye, black magic, evil-eyes on the person.
  3. This impressive locket keeps away negative energy and ghosts.
  4. By this the speech becomes effective and the intellect becomes pure.
  5. This is a very beneficial remedy for profit in business.
  6. It is very fortunate for those working in the areas related to marketing and sales.
  7. Wearing it around the neck purifies the mind, and the body becomes free from all kinds of diseases.
  8. Due to its effect, the person becomes respected and respected in the society. These are all benefits of wearing Lord Shiv Trishul Damru Locket.
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