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Shiva Family With Kartik And Ganesh Idol For Home And Office

Shiva Family With Kartik And Ganesh Idol For Home And Office

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To maintain positivity, the tradition of keeping pictures and idols of gods and goddesses in the house has been going on since time immemorial. In this regard, it is believed that seeing the symbols, idols and pictures of deities daily makes our nature positive. According to Ujjain’s Jyotishacharya Pt. Manish Sharma, it has been told in Shivpuran that this entire universe was created by Brahmaji only by the wish of Shivji. For this reason, many people consider Shivji to be the best and definitely keep a picture or idol of Shivji at home. Know the special things related to Shivji’s picture and idol…

Shivji’s abode is believed to be on Mount Kailash. This mountain is in the north direction. That’s why the idol or photo of Lord Shiva should be placed in the north direction of the house. Put a photo or idol in this direction in such a way that all the people coming and going in the house can easily see God.
Such an idol or picture of Lord Shiva should be installed in which he is looking happy. Sitting on Nandi or sitting in meditation. Seeing such a form also increases peace and positivity in our nature. While seeing the angry form of Shivji daily can increase anger in our nature too. That’s why keeping the angry form of Lord Shiva in the house should be avoided.

Along with Shivji, keep pictures of Mata Parvati, Ganesha, Kartikeya Swamy and Nandi as well. The Shiva family should be worshiped together. If all the members of the house worship the Shiva family together, then mutual love remains between all. Where there is a picture or idol of Lord Shiva, special care should be taken for cleanliness.

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