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Shree Kuber Kavach Yantra

Shree Kuber Kavach Yantra

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What are the benefits of Shree Kuber Kavach Yantra?

Yantras have great importance in Hindu religion. Yantras not only prove to be helpful in getting the desired boon to the person, but special worship of Gods and Goddesses can also be done through them. Each Yantra has its own Taran Mantra. That is, a mantra with the effect of which the yantra starts proving and the wishes go on getting fulfilled.

Different instruments have been described in the scriptures for different purposes. Shree Kuber Kavach Yantra is one of these. Kuber Yantra is installed for getting money. To remove any kind of economic situation, there is a law to worship Kuber Yantra. It is believed that apart from Maa Lakshmi, there is only one Kuber Dev who blesses a person with wealth.

There are many benefits of installing Kuber Yantra at home and worshiping it, but a person can get these benefits only if that person definitely follows the rules related to Kuber Yantra. From our expert astrologer Dr. Radhakant Vats, we have obtained information about the rules of keeping Kuber Yantra, which we are going to tell you today.

Shree Kuber Kavach Yantra method

  1. Buy Shri Kuber Yantra and bring it home.
  2. Wrap that yantra in a yellow cloth and place it in a vessel in front of the temple (Vastu rules of home temple).
  3. Retire after taking bath etc. in the morning the next day.
  4. Wear clean clothes and bring water in a small pot.
  5. Along with water in Lutia, take Ganges water and raw milk in a separate vessel.
  6. Now sit on a seat by laying it and take out the Kuber Yantra from the cloth.
  7. Fill water directly in hand and offer it on Kuber Yantra.
  8. Then anoint the Kuber Yantra with Ganges water or raw milk.
  9. After consecration, chant the mantra ‘Om Shree, Om Hree Shree, Om Hree Shree Kleem Vitteshwaraya: Namah’ 11 or 21 times.
  10. After chanting the mantra, remember Kubera, the god of wealth and pray to him for the solution of your financial problems.
  11. After prayer, install the Kuber Yantra either in the temple or in the vault.

Shree Kuber Kavach Yantra rules

  1. Kuber Yantra should be of Gold, Copper, Bhojpatra or Ashtadhatu.
  2. If Kuber Yantra is kept in the temple, then it should be kept in the east direction (don’t keep these things in the east even by mistake).
  3. Keeping in mind the day, install Kuber Yantra in the temple on Tuesday or Saturday only.
  4. Do not forget to worship it daily after installing it in the temple or vault.
  5. Make sure to purify the yantra daily by doing Jalabhishek.
  6. Never wear Kuber Yantra around your neck because purity like saints is not possible in household life.
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