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Shukra Grah Yantra Locket

Shukra Grah Yantra Locket

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Why wear shukra grah yantra locket?

Shukra grah yantra locket is one of the most important yantras in the astrological field, as it is used to please the planet Venus, which plays a major role in human life. The position of the planet Venus in the horoscope has a profound effect on our lives. The planet Venus is the ruler of our inner self, which dominates the stillness of our mind and heart, and manifests itself in our loving and personal relationships. Also shows us as a person and as a human being. Only the planetary position of Venus makes us strong or sensitive in love relationships, either rigid or loving, either creative or monotonous, either moral or immoral, ruling the real personality of the individual. This yantra brings financial stability, and helps in clearing off debts.

Shukra grah yantra benefits:

  • This yantra promotes mutual understanding between married and loving couples.
  • It attracts prosperity, luxury, comfort, positivity and harmony in life.
  • Helps in resolving issues related to family relationships, and brings harmony in the family.
  • It also helps in curing diseases related to eyes, skin, stomach and sex.
  • It bestows awards, beauty and success in the fields of art, music and media.
  • It also removes the malefic effects of other planets.

What are the materials for worshipping Shukra grah yantra locket?

  1. fruit juice (coconut water, sugarcane juice, pomegranate juice)
  2. Panch Dravya (water, milk, curd, ghee, honey)
  3. 3Deepak, Dhoop, Ganga Jal
  4. Gandak river water / Gangajal
  5. clean cloths
  6. sandalwood paste
  7. basil leaves
  8. incense and incense sticks
  9. Sweet, fruit and other edible
  10. Picture of the deity related to the yantra

How to worship Shukra grah yantra locket?

Devotees can anoint Shukra Yantra once or twice a week according to their convenience with the following method.

  • shukra-yantra-pooja
  • Sit facing east.
  • First of all put the instrument in a metal plate.
  • Bath the yantra with Gandak river water/Gangajal.
  • After that wipe it off with a clean cloth.
  • After that Panch Dravya (water, milk, curd, ghee, sugar).

This pure copper yantra is made in the form of a locket which pleases your respective planet and due to their grace, the defects of the planet are pacified on you and the stalled progress in life starts again. Children can wear it around the neck, as everyone knows that when the planet is weak, diseases and other calamities surround the seeker. A habitual and active Shukra Yantra should be installed at home or office.

It gets rid of negative energy and positive energy is transmitted. Before installing the device, determine the right direction and install it in the right place so that you can get the best benefit from it. Before consecrating this Yantra, it is very important to purify it because it passes through many hands before reaching you. Shukra Yantra emits its energy into the surrounding environment.

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