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Surya Grah Yantra Locket

Surya Grah Yantra Locket

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Importance of surya grah yantra

The surya grah yantra locket is the one that should be established on Sunday in any auspicious muhurat. An individual, who wants to wear it, must wake up early in the morning before sunrise and wear pure white clothes after completing his daily tasks. Initially, purify the yantra with gangajal and cow’s milk, now face east and put a yellow cloth to establish the yantra on it. Put some sandalwood, kesar, supari, and offer red flowers to worship the yantra.

At the time of performing the puja the worshipper should chant, “Om Grihni Suryaya Namah”. Post wearing the yantra, the person should worship it every day with right rituals that are to be followed with purity in the heart. As a result of worshipping this yantra, it delivers relief from the unfortunate outcomes of an afflicted Sun, mainly for those who are going through Sun’s dasha and mahadasha. Worshipping this yanta also gives growth in career and business.

Surya Grah Yantra Locket establishment:

The advantages of surya yantra can only be acquired when it is made with right rituals and pure equipments. At the time of purification process, a special puja is done to deliver positive energy to the yantra through the medium of mantras and meditation and obtaining the yantra made with proper rituals anyone can establish it in their homes and offices with the recommendation of a good astrologer. It can also be kept it in your wallet or wear it in your neck. To enjoy its full results the establishment’s procedure should be completed on Sunday in the puja room. One should worship the yantra every day with a pure heart and believe in it to find maximum results and the person should chant Surya beej mantra during worshipping the yantra to get his desires accomplished.

Why one should carry surya grah yantra?

Intoning surya mantra during worshipping the yantra destructs unpropitious effects of an afflicted Sun. Many people use Surya yantra to decrease the effects of the malefic Sun. Sun gives its good qualities to the person worshipping the yantra through the medium of mantras and positive energy radiated by it. An individual gets relief from all the issues associated to court cases as well, and instead helps in making the right decisions in favor of the person itself. Adoring a Sun yantra with faith, devition and proper rituals enhances fortune of the Sun. It is a good option to alleviate the negative effects of Sun. God sun must be worshipped with a surya grah yantra locket to lead a healthy and a stable life, enriched with peace and security. Surya Yantra is mainly used by people who believe in it to remove the bad effects of the malefic Sun in your horoscope and overall it can also be used to increase the positivity and strength of the Sun when it produces positive effects in the horoscope.

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