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Tula Rashi Yantra Locket (Libra Zodiac)

Tula Rashi Yantra Locket (Libra Zodiac)

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Tula rashi yantra locket for both men and women

Tula Rashi Yantra Locket is considered to be the seventh sign of the natural horoscope. This zodiac is of air element. Due to the business thinking of this zodiac, good advice is car. Such people are capable of making compromises as well as think of their own benefits. They are easy growers in business but due to being kind, they also take losses at times. In them the desire for beauty and art is very high. They spend a lot of money for good living for their pleasure and enjoyment. The female friends of this zodiac sign are very few and their friend circle is of rich family. They are fond of art, fond of silk fabrics, lovers of adornment, fond of aromatic substances and like to live in pomp.

Benefits of Tula Rashi Yantra Locket

People that possess it have diseases of bladder, back pain, lack of spermatozoa, diabetes, diseases due to excessive sexual pleasure, stones, and uterus in women. Here are a few of them in detail.

Libra zodiac traits

The people of this zodiac are respected everywhere, religious, clever, intelligent but indulgent. They are skilled in art skills, royal lovers, and sweet lovers, serve parents, worship gods and gurus, collect things and are very learned. They have a habit of speaking more, music, poetry, are kind and have many friends. They are lovers of war, but very strict in management, interested in meeting, society and company etc., do not trust anyone else in every work of their life and are not going to come under anyone’s influence. If you are not able to accumulate money, there are obstacles in your progress, you are getting cheated from friends, mother’s health is bad, there is dispute between husband and wife, you are not getting respect, soon.

If there is a disease of fall or some kind of secret disease, irregular menstruation in women or it is accompanied by pain, continuous loss in daily business, family discord, job workers have to face unnecessary trouble. The pendant has a Libra Rashi Yantra, which protects the user from the evil eye and brings luck, money, and good health. Tula Rashi Yantra Locket is particularly concentrated on one specific activity and does not combine any other yantras. Because Locket Yantras are smaller, they are easier to wear around your neck. An alloy metal called Asht Dhatu is created by mixing eight different metals in a specific ratio. It is a fantastic accessory to wear both generally and during meditation. The nine planets are represented by these eight metals, which include gold and copper for the sun, silver for the moon and Venus, mercury for the planet mercur, tin, lead, iron for Saturn, copper for Rahu, and zinc for Ketu.

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