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Vyapar Kavach For Health, Wealth, Protection And Success

Vyapar Kavach For Health, Wealth, Protection And Success

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What is Vyapar Kavach?

Vyapar Kavach is best for the speedy progress of business. Whether it is any business, if there are frequent losses in place of profit in it. In some way the business is getting tied up again and again! So by setting up the Vyapat Vriddhi Yantra with full consciousness and full vitality in the business place or home, business growth and continuous benefits are obtained soon.

If such a situation exists, an energized Vyapar Kavach should be installed in the shop or office cash box on any Thursday. Many times, even after showing horoscopes and worshipping Vastu, there seems to be no profit in the business, in a way the business does not flourish, the loan has to be taken to run the business, the expenses remain the same, and there is no amnesty. The Vyapar Vridhi Yantra’s structure has been done in a very unique fashion, according to the Damar Tantra; this Yantra is inhabited by the energies of Kubera Ashtalakshmi, Kankavati, etc. Worshiping the Vyapar Vridhi Yantra brings wealth and Lakshmi, which is why it is also known as the Dhandata Yantra.

Vyapar Kavach is not easily found everywhere, and even when they are, they are not properly energized. However, without consecration, the kavach is powerless. Some people believe that the kavach can be energized by washing it in raw milk, but this is not true; there is a separate law that must be followed to energize all kavach. The effectiveness of the Vridh this kavach has been activated and awakened by the sages and ascetic of Astro Mantra in accordance with the Vedic tradition, allowing anybody to benefit.

Vyapar Kavach Benefits:

  • The Vyapar Kavach is an extremely powerful tool; putting it in the cash box of a store or place of business ensures that Dhan Lakshmi will always arrive, increasing sales by two or even four times.
  • The kavach is thought to be a very powerful tool for commercial success and growth; as a result of its presence, business quickly rises to a high level. This kavach is regarded as the most effective for releasing money from business debts.
  • You only need to wake up and place the Vyapar kavach on a red robe at your place of devotion on any Thursday, after taking a bath, etc., and light the lamp while offering 108 grains of rice while saying the mantra below.

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