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Wall Hanging Vastu Sun

Wall Hanging Vastu Sun

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Which direction is good for Vastu Sun?

According to astrology and Vastu Shastra, Sun God is considered to have special importance. According to belief, negative energy resides in a house where there is not enough sunlight. Positive energy remains when sunlight enters the house. Whose family members get the benefit. The houses in which sunlight does not reach properly or whose position of Sun is weak in their horoscope, according to Vastu, they should install a statue of Sun in their house. Know what are its benefits. Know all the vastu rules related to applying copper sun.

Benefits of installing the idol of Sun God: According to Vastu, installing the wall hanging vastu sun in the house increases self-confidence. The members of the family progress. Chances of getting success in job and business increase. There is no Vastu defect in the house and there is always happiness and prosperity. If someone in the family is sick, then installing this idol in his room is beneficial. Placing an idol of Sun in the house where valuables are kept does not cause financial problems. It is considered very auspicious to install the idol of Sun God in the office or shop. It is considered very auspicious to put the Sun in the wall of the entrance of the house.

For the decoration of the house, a person uses different types of flowers, photographs, etc., so that his house looks beautiful. According to Vastu, everything present in the house creates positive and negative energy. Which affects the life of every member living in that house. For this reason, in Vastu, which direction should be kept in which direction in the house. This has been explained in detail. Similarly, what things should be put in the entrance so that there is always happiness and prosperity in the house. There are many things mentioned for wall hanging Vastu sun to be placed outside the house which generate positive energy. One of these is the sun made of copper.

Benefits of applying it in the house

  1. According to Vastu, the way the rays of the sun fall in the house, positive energy comes with the purity of the atmosphere. Similarly, by applying this sun made of copper in a particular direction of the house, only positive energy can enter.
  2. By applying this sun made of copper in the form of the symbol of the sun, happiness-prosperity, honor-respect is given in the house.
  3. By applying copper sun, your influence spreads everywhere. Along with monetary gain, meeting with famous people increases.
  4. If you are starting some craft related industry, then definitely apply a copper sun. It is believed that by applying this, the person’s relationship with the people becomes stronger, which proves to be beneficial in the future.
  5. For profit in business, it is beneficial to install sun made of copper in office, shop etc. There is never a shortage of money and grains in a person’s house by applying this.
  6. In which direction to place the sun made of copper
  7. According to Vastu, it is considered auspicious to put wall hanging vastu sun in the east direction. If there is no door or window in this direction, then you should put it in the wall. By doing this happiness and prosperity comes in the house.
  8. For growth in career, hang a copper sun on the east side of the office. By doing this, along with the job, there will be benefits in business as well.
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