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White Pearl Stones (White Color Stone)

White Pearl Stones (White Color Stone)

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White Pearl Stones (White Color Stone)

Moon is said to be the significator of the mind and emotions and thoughts are controlled by the moon. If the position of Moon is weak in the horoscope, then wearing a pearl is very beneficial.

Pearl gemstone is white in color and it mostly comes in round shape. Pearl is also widely used in jewellery. Moti is also called Pearl in English. Basically there are two types of pearl stones – fresh water pearls and salt water pearls.

White Pearl Stones (White Color Stone) is also known as Mukta and Sheesha Ratna. Apart from white color, pearl pink, yellow and red colors are also found.

Pearl is the gem of the Moon, so pearl is worn to get benefits in the areas related to the Moon. Moon is the fastest moving planet among the nine planets. In astrology, Moon is considered to be the factor of diseases related to mother, brain, mind, behavior, intelligence, uterus and reproduction. If a person has any one of these problems, then wearing a pearl will be beneficial.

Benefits of White Pearl Stone

  • White Pearl Stone is very beneficial in getting relief from mental stress and disorders. Wearing this stone gives confidence to the person and removes all his fears.
  • This stone is beneficial to control anger. Those who have a lot of anger, they get help in reducing anger with the pearl of the Moon.
  • This stone also helps in maintaining a positive relationship with the mother.
  • People suffering from diseases related to blood pressure, heart and eyes are advised to wear a pearl ring.
  • Pearl stone also helps women to avoid any kind of disease and disease related to uterus.
  • The people of Cancer zodiac can wear this gemstone ring without any hesitation.

How to wear White Pearl Stones

Wearing White pearl stones on the first Monday of Shukla Paksha proves to be most beneficial. After taking bath on Monday morning, sit on a clean seat in front of the place of worship of your house. Now take a copper vessel and put raw milk or Gangajal in it, dip the pearl in it and chant ‘Om Somay Namah’ 108 times. After the chanting is completed, give incense-lamp and then wear this gem.

Who should wear Moti Ratna

Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, so Cancerians can wear Pearl stone. Apart from this, it is the lucky stone of people born between 21st June to 20th July. If you are born between 21st June to 20th July and your name consists of He, Hu, Ho, Da, Dee, De and Do then you can wear this stone.

Apart from this, wearing a pearl stone is also beneficial if the Moon is in a weak position or in a debilitated sign in the horoscope or if it is afflicted. Pearl stone is worn to strengthen and sacrifice the moon.

Why take us

Cancer zodiac pearl sent by Hare Krishna Mart is certified and sent by experienced acharyas and pandit ji so that you can get the full benefits of this gem as soon as possible.


Q: How much does pearl cost?
The cost of a pearl can vary greatly depending on various factors such as the type, size, quality, and source of the pearl. However, on average, a pearl can cost anywhere from Rs. 600 to Rs.2000.

Q: Can You provide a certificate with this?
A: Yes, we provide you certificate with this.

Q: What is the Mode of Payment you provide?
We provide both modes of payment UPI and Cash on Delivery.

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