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Yellow Brass Shivling

Yellow Brass Shivling

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What is the importance of Yellow Brass Shivling?

All the deities and sages were distraught and went to the shelter of Brahmaji. Brahmaji came to know the whole incident with his power of yoga and he along with all the deities and sages reached to Shivji. Brahmaji prayed to Shivji and said that you should wear your linga again, otherwise all the three worlds will be destroyed.

After listening to the prayer of Brahmaji, Shivji said that from today everyone should start worshiping my linga. So, I will again wear my penis. After listening to Lord Shiva, Brahma first made a golden Shivling and worshiped it with all the rules and regulations. After this the deities and sages also started worshiping the Shivling. And in this way the law of Shivling worship started in the universe.

In the month of Sawan, there is a crowd of devotees in the pagodas, but almost all Shiva devotees do special worship in the month of Sawan by establishing a thumb-sized Shivling at their residence. Here we will tell you what is the result of anointing the Shivling made of which metal, object or substance.

Take special care of these things at the time of Yellow Brass Shivling installation

  1. Shivling can be established in any direction but its altar should always face north.
  2. The height of the Shivling installed in the house should not be more than 6 inches.
  3. Place the Shivling in a big vessel and then install it in the worship room.
  4. After installing Shivling, offer water and belpatra etc.
  5. Narmadeshwar Shivling is said to be very holy and impressive. The person who worships Shivling with all his heart, there will always be happiness and prosperity in his house. Thatโ€™s why order the best and natural Narmadeshwar Shivling at your home today itself.

Benefits of worshiping Yellow Brass Shivling

  1. Worshiping Shivling made of brass, doing Rudrabhishek etc destroys the poverty of the seeker.
  2. By establishing this Shivling in the house, you can get rid of any kind of fear. Along with this, it also proves helpful in gaining you confidence.
  3. By worshiping this Shivling every day, one gets freedom from all kinds of diseases. Along with this, it also averts all the troubles coming on the family members.
  4. If you are making a lot of efforts for some work but due to some reason you are not getting success, then worship of brass Shivling is very effective in this situation. Brass Shivling proves to be beneficial even in Bhagodaya.
  5. By worshiping the brass Shivling daily, along with happiness and prosperity, peace also resides in the house. It is believed that by worshiping it one gets wealth, glory, knowledge and opulence.
  6. By establishing brass Shivling, all kinds of negative energy get removed from the house. Apart from this, along with getting rid of physical pains, it is also effective in providing mental peace.
  7. Brass Shivling also reduces the possibility of premature death. According to Vedas and Puranas, the place where Yellow Brass Shivling resides, Kaal and Yama do not enter there easily.
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