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Yellow Hakik Mala

Yellow Hakik Mala

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What is Yellow Hakik Mala?

In all, Yellow Hakik Mala shows its effect very well, due to its curative properties, it is considered very beneficial in many types of diseases. It is believed that if a person suffers from the problem of insomnia, or is not able to achieve a peaceful sleep due to mental activity, then in such a situation, if he chants the name of Rama over a yellow hakik, he should be placed on his pillow. If he sleeps keeping it down, he sleeps very well, he has good dreams. Yellow Hakik stone should also be kept in the room of the sick person, where the rays of the sun come in that room, then it becomes more powerful with the sunlight.

Benefits of Yellow Hakik Mala:

  1. If you have Jupiter dosha in your horoscope or you want to increase the auspicious effect of Jupiter, then you can wear yellow hakik garland.
  2. Under the influence of yellow hakiq garland, the person becomes fearless and gets the strength to fight the difficulties.
  3. By the grace of Jupiter, your married life will be pleasant. Therefore, if you want to make your life happy, then Yellow Hakik Mala will help you a lot in this.
  4. Those who do not sleep or have bad dreams, they get rid of both these types of problems of sleeping by keeping a yellow garland under the pillow at night.
  5. This is also a way to remove poverty. It is not only an astrological remedy, but it also has the ability to add beauty to your fashion and look.
  6. The special thing about the yellow Hakik garland taken from us is that to enhance its auspicious effect, it will be sent to you after being invited by our Panditji.

How to wear this mala?

“Om Hreem Hreem Sri Sri Sri Lakshmi Vasudevaya Namah”. While chanting this mantra, wear the yellow Hakik Mala Since it is related to Lord Jupiter, wearing it on Thursday will prove beneficial.

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